How to use the hair straightener


In fact, the use of the hair straightener is very simple. You just need to use a straightener clip to layer your hair after washing and drying your hair.

However, in this process, you should pay attention to that the temperature of the hair straightener is adjusted according to your proficiency in using the hair straightener. The general temperature is recommended to be between 100 and 130 degrees Celsius, which will cause less damage to the hair. In addition, after using the hair straightener, you can smear some hair care essential oil suitable for your own hair quality on the hair ends.

Although the hair straightener can make your hair more beautiful, if you use it too many times, it is very easy to cause damage to the hair quality, such as some dry, withered, yellow or split hair, hair loss. Therefore, you still need to adjust the number of times you use the hair straightener according to your hair's adaptability. One thing to be reminded is that many people have many misconceptions about the use of hair straighteners.

For example, if you use a hair straightener when your hair is not dry, or if you are too eager to straighten your hair, or if you do not regularly clean the hair straightener, you need to correct these mistakes in time.
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