2023 China (Beijing) International Personal Care and Meijian Electrical Appliances Exhibition


With the improvement of China's economic development level and residents' pursuit of a better life, personal care, beauty and health small household appliances such as electric shavers, hair dryers and beauty meters have witnessed rapid growth in China, especially in emerging categories such as electric toothbrushes. China is currently in a golden period of consumption upgrading. The future development space of the personal care appliance market is very huge. It is expected that the personal care industry will reach a scale of 100 billion in the future, and the personal care appliance industry will also usher in the best development opportunity period. In order to further promote the communication and interaction of the personal care appliance industry, strengthen the awareness of communication and cooperation in the personal care appliance industry, and achieve mutual promotion and common development, the "2023 China (Beijing) International Personal Care and Meijian Electrical Appliances Exhibition" will be held in Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center from June 16 to 18, 2023. We look forward to your participation.

We will make full use of the huge resources of the sponsors' global buyers through a series of ways, and send invitations to more than 300000 buyers at home and abroad through the customer relationship invitation system of the Organizing Committee. Relying on the huge passenger flow driven by the "internal circulation" and "external circulation" of China's economy, tens of thousands of buyers from home and abroad gather together, with unlimited business opportunities, incalculable market potential and huge business opportunities, which is an important platform for developing domestic and foreign markets. We will take advantage of the geographical advantages of Beijing's capital to help enterprises expand export channels more effectively on the one hand, and focus on the large domestic demand market of hundreds of billions of dollars on the other hand, which will surely lead to both export and domestic sales boom. The exhibition is committed to building an efficient, high-quality and accurate all-around one-stop professional business platform for exhibitors and global high-quality buyers, providing more cooperation opportunities for the global personal care Meijian appliance industry, effectively promoting the comprehensive entry of China's personal care Meijian appliance technology and products into the global procurement system, and coordinating and cooperating with the personal care industry around the world for mutual benefit and common development and progress.

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